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Vehicle Usage Policy


Should any maintenance issues arise or accidental damage occur, please notify Don Herley (Land Cruiser) or Neil McIntosh (Ute) on your return.

Licence and maintenance requirements for use of the School's vehicles.

Licence requirements

A Western Australian drivers licence is required to conform to our insurance guidelines. The minimum licence requirement is C licence. Other levels such as LR, MR, HR, HC and MC are also adequate.

Please note that C-A is not adequate. C-A is only suitable for vehicles fitted with an automatic transmission.


The vehicles may be used for official business only. Bookings may be made by entering your name, drivers licence number and contact details, along with the date and time the vehicle is required, into the diary located in room G79 (Land Cruiser) and room G85 (Ford Ute).


Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser weighs 1.5 tonnes empty, is fitted with drum brakes (no ABS) and has a higher centre of gravity than most two-wheel drive vehicles. It should not be driven by inexperienced drivers, and should only be driven off-road by drivers who have completed an appropriate training course.

Ford Ute

The vehicle is fitted with a 1 tonne Kevrek crane; the total height of the vehicle is 2.2 metres, so it will not fit into multi-storey or underground car parks. The Ute is not fitted with power steering; this can make it hard to manoeuvre in and out of parking bays, tight spaces and sharp corners. It is a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, and being a ute it has no weight over the rear wheels, giving it a tendency to slide at the rear end: this can make it tricky to drive on wet and unsealed roads,

On return

The vehicles must be returned in a clean condition, with nothing left inside and all litter placed in an appropriate bin. The vehicles should also be left with adequate fuel for the next user. The Land Cruiser is fitted with two (2) fuel tanks. As a general rule, return the Land Cruiser with at least one of the fuel tanks full. Fuel cards can be found in a grey plastic folder in the glove compartment.

Please note: The Land Cruiser is fitted with a diesel motor.


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