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UWA provides information technology facilities and services to students, staff and other authorised users for the purpose of teaching, learning, research and administration.

Our policy outlines what is responsible use of the University's IT facilities.

A full list of UWA IT policies is available online. 

  1. Computer and software use regulations
  2. Excessive use
  3. Email policy summary
  4. Offensive material policy summary

Computer and software use regulations

The Computer and Software Use Regulations set out the rules that apply to staff and students with respect to the use of computers provided by the University or used in relation to employment at the University.

These include:

  • authority for use
  • conditions of use
  • passwords
  • obligations with respect to copyright laws and licensing agreements
  • breaches of the regulations.

The full Computer and Software Use Regulations are available online.

Excessive use

Internet usage is monitored by the University and charged according to the amount of traffic (such as by Mbytes downloaded).

Internet usage is for work purposes only, and should not be used for downloading videos, music and programs, watching videos or movies online, or listening to music and the like.

The School and Centre will support internet usage of up to $10 each month. Any amount over this will be recouped from the user.

If you are concerned about your usage, please contact IT Support to investigate which sites are resulting in high download charges.

Information is available on current charge rates and tips of reducing your download.

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Email policy summary

  1. University email accounts may not be used for private gain or commercial purposes.
  2. They are provided for UWA purposes, although some private use may be tolerated.
  3. The privacy of email cannot be guaranteed, and is subject in any case to scrutiny where necessary for the University to pursue its normal business operations.
  4. The security of email cannot be ensured, so should not be used for highly sensitive messages.
  5. Email content must not be offensive, harassing or discriminatory.
  6. As official University records, email must be properly stored, archived.
  7. Be aware of the accepted etiquette for email.
  8. Use mailing lists properly.

The full Email Policy is available online.

Offensive material policy summary

  1. Offensive material must not be stored, displayed or communicated using University computers and networks.
  2. What is “offensive” is as defined in the University’s policies on Discrimination, Harassment and Disabilities – it covers a multitude of bases for giving offence.
  3. If you are offended by material you see, or believe others would be, you should report it.
  4. If there are sound academic reasons for handling material which otherwise would be prohibited by this Policy, then formal approval should be sought and special care taken.

The full Offensive Materials Policy is available online

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