School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

Student Staff Consultative Committee (SSCC)

The Staff-Student Consultative Committee provides a relatively informal means for communication between staff and students about the quality of teaching and facilities within the School.

Function of the committee

  • provide an outlet for the expression of students views or concerns about the course or educational facilities;
  • establish a platform on which feedback on these concerns can be provided, and on which proposals for improvement can be discussed;
  • provide a mechanism for discussion about individual units with members of staff not involved in that unit;
  • assist with representative assessment of teaching quality for each unit and across the course as a whole;
  • actively promote discussion between staff and students over a range of issues.

Issues discussed by the committee are conveyed to the Head of School and to other members of the academic staff.

The committee is nominally comprised of three or four members of the academic staff, and students from 3rd and 4th years, for each of the school disciplines.

2015 Student Representatives:

  • Chanelle Enslin
  • Daniel Stone
  • David Sidoti
  • Douglas Zhan
  • Eric Samuel
  • Jessica Hay
  • Jinlei Wang
  • Mia Carlton
  • Tim Halton
  • William Martyn
  • Rhys Cooper

School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

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