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Yusuke Suzuki

Start date

Jul 2010

Submission date

Jul 2014

Yusuke Suzuki


The application of CPT data in silts


This research aims to improve interpretation of Cone Penetration test results in soils, such as silts, which are partially drained during a standard CPT. Extensive variable rate CPTs have been performed in silt and clay soils in the field and in artificial soil mixtures in the laboratory and centrifuge. The interpretation of these tests has assisted by numerical analysis supplemented by laboratory element tests.

Why my research is important

The CPT/CPTU still requires reasonable interpretation method in natural silty soils and manmade tailiings deposits, for which the current interpretation method is clearly deficient. This research is especially important in Western Australia where silty soils are often encountered in both offshore and onshore, related to oil and gas/ mining.


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