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Yucen Lu

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Yucen Lu


A study of liquid sloshing in a partially-filled tank


This project concerns an experimental study of liquid sloshing in a partially-filled tank under six degrees of freedom excitations. Flow velocity, wave elevation and pressure variations induced by sloshing in the tank will be measured under a range of excitation frequency, amplitude and liquid filled depth. Nonlinearity of sloshing such as hydraulic jump, breaking wave and liquid impact on the ceiling of the tank will be studied systematically. Finally the effectiveness and the mechanisms of various sloshing suppression methods will be investigated.

Why my research is important

Liquid sloshing is of great importance in engineering applications as could be observed in nearly all moving partially liquid-filled tanks, especially in oil and gas industry. It is associated with kinds of dynamical systems and engineering problems, such as the liquid flow in the containers of ships, liquid oscillations in large storage tanks caused by earthquakes and the motions of liquid fuel in the aircraft. When the sloshing frequency approaches the natural frequency of the liquid in the tank, resonance will occur, which will result in large structural loads and instabilities, then cause catastrophic economical and human-life losses as well as environmental pollutions. Hence, studying the characteristics of liquid sloshing and taking precautions to prevent the damage caused by sloshing are significant to the safety of transportation system, human’s life and environment. The use of baffles is regarded as an effective way to reduce sloshing effect. Therefore, investigating the fluid motion in baffled tanks has wide engineering perspectives.


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