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Yimiao Huang

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 2446


Start date

Aug 2013

Submission date

Aug 2017

Yimiao Huang


Reliability based Explosion Risk Assessment Method for Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities


At present, petroleum becomes an indispensable source of energy for modern society. Therefore, the offshore oil and gas projects show a boom globally. Meanwhile, the oil and gas explosion becomes one of the largest risks to offshore structures, human life and surrounding environment. Over the years, there happened many explosion accidents on the offshore facilities all around the world such as the Piper Alpha accident and the Deepwater Horizon accident. The risk assessment of gas explosions on oil and gas platforms deals with a lot of uncertain parameters and there are several different approaches to get a design pressure from an explosion. However, most of the researches concentrate on the consequence of the explosion while the possibility catches little attention. In this project, a systematic explosion risk management modelling will be established to evaluate and reduce the risks of explosion events on the offshore oil and gas platforms. In this modelling, both likelihood and consequence of explosion events will be evaluated by using a 3D multi-stage explosion risk assessment method. The likelihood reduction and consequence mitigation methods will be defined based on a 3D vulnerability map which shows the different levels of risks all over the platforms. To be more specifically, a fuzzy concept based confidence level method will be used to assess the possibility of the potential releases oil and gas facilities.

Why my research is important

The proposed research is important in three aspects. Firstly, it provides a more systematic method for inspecting, evaluating and reducing the explosion risks of offshore oil and gas facilities. Throughout this method, both likelihood and consequence of explosion events will be evaluated in order to conduct a risk analysis more accurately. Secondly, the fuzzy concept based confidence level method will provide an improved risk assessment approach to calculate the probability of the potential oil and gas releases by mitigating the influence of uncertainties. Lastly, the 3D vulnerability map will offer a useful tool for the safety engineer to conduct the safety management and for the decision-makers to develop the risk reduction strategy.


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