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Yi Yuan Lee

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Feb 2014

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Yi Yuan Lee

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Assimilation process in phototrophic bacteria and microalgae and application for nutrient recovery from wastewater


Water is an important resource in our daily life and recently, the issue of water scarcity is drawing the world’s attention. The concept of sustainable development has been promoted in developed and developing countries and attention has been paid to how to achieve it. The purpose of this project is to recover nutrients through the application of biological method with negative energy consumption. Phototrophic bacteria will be used in this project to assimilate nutrients from wastewater. After the nutrients are being removed from the bacteria, the biomass will be used to generate energy by converting it into biogas.

Why my research is important

It is crucial to develop a new nutrient recovery process and implement it into the current wastewater treatment plant to improve the recovery process. The recovery process in practise today is not feasible from both economic and environmental viewpoint because it could not remove large amount of nutrients, leading to water pollution and problems such as eutrophication and odours. This project is aimed to design a process that has higher nutrient recovery efficiency and minimise the impact of wastewater onto the environment.


  • University Postgraduate Award (UPA)
  • UWA Safety Net Top-Up Scholarship


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