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Xu Zhao

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 8160

Start date

Feb 2010

Submission date

Feb 2014

Xu Zhao


Between a Rock and a Sandy Seabed: Scour around Gravity Anchors astride Pipelines


Researching on scour or soil-fluid-structure interaction around arch-shaped concrete gravity anchors as secondary stabilisation astride offshore pipelines through numerical simulation of scour-inducing flow field as well as physical modelling of scour processes at UWA O-Tube lab.

Why my research is important

Consisting of large arch-shaped precast concrete blocks positioned at intervals astride the pipeline, the gravity anchor system is engineered to provide secondary stabilisation for large diameter offshore pipelines operating in severe metocean conditions. Bottom-seated on the seabed, however, the gravity anchor could subside into scour pits formed around it, imposing integrity risks on pipeline operations.

The horseshoe vortex in front of gravity anchors under steady currents revealed through CFD study.

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