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Xiaoying Ju

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 2446

Start date

Jan 2015

Submission date

Jan 2019

Xiaoying Ju


The hydrodynamics of a circular cylinder near a plane boundary


This project aims at investigating flow around a circular cylinder placed near a plane boundary by using numerical methods. The research will focus on the fundamental physics responsible for the hydrodynamic forces on the cylinder. Both a stationary cylinder and a cylinder subjected to forced oscillations will be considered. The Reynolds number (Re), defined using the free stream velocity, cylinder diameter and viscosity of water, will be in the range of O(102) ~ O(104). Both stationary cylinder and forced oscillatory cylinder will be considered. The direct numerical simulation (DNS) will be employed for low Re values and Large Eddy Simulation (LES) will be used for high Re number simulations.

Why my research is important

The flow around a circular cylinder close to a plane boundary is of great interest in fundamental fluid mechanics due to its rich flow phenomena and wide-ranging practical applications, especially for subsea pipelines in offshore industries. It is expected that the research outcome will improve the understanding about the hydrodynamics of a cylinder near a plane boundary and will be applied in offshore engineering.


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