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Xiaofan Lou

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 8160

Start date

Sep 2011

Submission date

Feb 2016

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Updated 06 Apr 2016

Xiaofan Lou

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Hydrodynamic and vortical characteristics of a yawed square cylinder in steady current and oscillatory flow


The present study is concerned with the effect of the yaw angle on the flow around a square cylinder encountering steady current and oscillatory flow. In terms of flow topology, momentum transport and hydrodynamic forces, the independent principle was evaluated for a yawed square cylinder under the above two flow conditions using hot-wire technique, direct numerical simulation, 3-component force link and particle image velocimetry measurement. Results are essential for the design, construction and maintenance of the cylindrical structures, such as pipelines and tension leg platforms in coastal and offshore engineering.

Why my research is important

In coastal and offshore engineering applications, such as subsea pipelines in the near shore region, tethered marine structures and raker piles on deepwater oil terminals, and catenary risers which are effectively curved riser pipes, etc., owning to their directionality, the sea waves can approach the structure(s) obliquely. In these cases, the fluid velocity in the axial direction of the structure is not negligible. This will have profound effects on vortex instability, vortex regime classifications (or the critical KC numbers) and force characteristics. The significance of the project mainly lies in Australia’s offshore industry and its intrinsic interest in the fundamental fluid dynamics research.


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