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Wensu Chen

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Wensu Chen


Experimental and Numerical Studies of Novel Protective Panels against Blast and Impact Loadings


My thesis study was undertaken with the aims of

1) Developing novel structural forms of protective panels (i.e. multi-arch double-layered panels, stiffened multi-arch double-layered panels and blast-resistant panels with rotational friction dampers) potentially for better energy absorptions and blast and impact loading resistance.

2) Investigating the dynamic response and energy absorption performance of the proposed panels under blast and impact loadings by using experimental and numerical methodologies.

3) Undertaking parametric studies to investigate the effects of panel configurations on the blast resistance capacity and identify the optimal configurations.

4) Comparing with some existing panels to exam the effectiveness of these new panels in resisting blast and impact loadings.

Why my research is important

The proposed panel configurations might find application potential to mitigate blast loading effects in protective panel design.


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