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Le Doan

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 2446

Start date

Feb 2015

Submission date

Feb 2019

Le Doan

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A unified approach for the assessment of the axial capacity of bored piles.


This research proposal is to investigate the relationships between the Cone Penetration Test (CPT) end resistance (qc) and the shaft and base resistance of bored piles. Some of the factors affecting these relationships are analysed to understand the mechanisms controlling the pile axial capacity. A new database of piles in various soil types including sand, clay and intermediate soils is also presented. The systematic experimental investigation and numerical analysis will be conducted to propose a reliable and rational in-situ test CPT-based method for bored pile capacity estimation in practice.

Why my research is important

Bored piles and continuous flight augered (CFA) piles are now the most common pile types used in urban areas of Australia and much of the western world due to low noise, vibration and economical load bearing. The prediction of axial capacity of piles has been a challenge due to the inadequacy of proper understanding of the load-transfer and failure mechanism of piles. Therefore, the reliability of popular approaches is very poor. To assist in this regard, the improvement of estimating the axial capacity of bored piles provides enormous benefits to both developers and the engineering profession.



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