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Terry Griffiths

Phone: (+61 4) 0468 4712

Start date

Apr 2015

Submission date

Apr 2019

Terry Griffiths

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Subsea Pipeline, Seabed and Fluid Interaction Accounting for Effects of Sedimentation and Deburial Processes


The focus of my PhD is on improving our understanding of how subsea pipelines, umbilicals and cables interact with different seabeds. My research is giving me the opportunity to try and unlock new paradigms for how our industry approaches challenges such as stability of cables on rocky seabeds in very high tidal currents, as well as building on my involvement in the STABLEpipe JIP looking at the behaviour of subsea pipelines on erodible seabeds.

Why my research is important

Both the offshore oil and gas industry and new projects looking to harness renewable energy from the ocean are critically dependent on the integrity of pipelines and cables. More than ever both of these industries need us to find novel approaches to overcoming challenging metocean and seabed conditions at lower cost and high reliability for projects to be viable.


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