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Taj Sarker

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 1683
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Start date

Aug 2011

Submission date

Aug 2015

Taj Sarker


Laboratory investigation of sediment transport in vegetated shallow coastal environments


The presence of aquatic vegetation greatly complicates the prediction of sediment transport within the vegetated zone. For open (unvegetated) sediment beds, the critical bed shear stresses required to entrain sediments have been well studied. Conceptually sediment erosion occurs when the critical bed shear stress exerted on the sediment particles overcomes the resistance forces of the particles. But within vegetated areas, the bed stresses exerted by modified vegetated flows have not been directly quantified. While it is known that vegetation drag reduces the bed shear stress, the interaction between them is yet to be explored. This study will derive empirical laws to predict the bed shear stress as a function of canopy characteristics (such as density, submergence, flexibility) and then use this as the foundation to develop sediment transport routines. Specific aims are planned as prediction of the bed shear stress in both unidirectional and oscillatory vegetated flows and then quantification of the sediment transport rate within the vegetated areas (or canopies) in shallow coastal region.

Why my research is important

This study will improve our knowledge in three important areas. Firstly, the study will enhance our understanding of the flow and sediment dynamics within a vegetation canopy. Secondly, the study will assist in the effective restoration and conservation of the ecological habitats, particularly formed by seagrasses, tidal marshes etc. Finally, it will improve our understanding of the roles of vegetated canopies as cost-effective and environmentally-friendly sediment stabilizers for reducing coastal erosion.


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