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Sarik Salim

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 7265
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Start date

Mar 2012

Submission date

Mar 2016

Sarik Salim

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The role of near-bed turbulence in sediment re-suspension on the marine environment


The objective of this proposed study is to seek answers to the following research questions:

a. What are the interactions of localized near-bed turbulent events in burst-like sediment re-suspension and transport in the marine environment?

b. What is the relationship between wall turbulent structures and sediment re-suspension in association with different tidal phases (e.g. acceleration, deceleration) in the bottom boundary layer?

These objectives will be undertaken in three contrasting environments: estuary, continental shelf and deep sea.

Why my research is important

This research intends to develop a better understanding of the role of intermittent turbulence near the seabed in re-suspending and transporting sediments along the bottom boundary layer. Only a limited amount of work has been undertaken on sediment transport processes, particularly with respect to turbulence generation at the seabed. Until now it has not been possible to clarify the role of turbulent coherent structures at the level of particle micro-mechanics in association with the probabilistic features of turbulent eddies. This study, ranging from water depths as low as ~1m and extending to depths of ~1000m, will examine the mechanisms underlying sediment re-suspension. The approach of this research will also improve our understanding of how the ‘bursting phenomenon’ generates as well as providing a more refined parameterization of essential sediment transport processes (i.e. erosion, turbulent flow structure and sediment diffusion) in different marine environments. This investigation will further lead to improve process-based sediment transport models and enhance their predictive capability.


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