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Qin Zhang

Phone: (+61 4) 1439 8916

Start date

Mar 2012

Submission date

Mar 2015

Qin Zhang

Qin Zhang profile photo


Local Scour Mechanics around Subsea Pipelines


The aim of the proposed research is to systematically investigate scour around subsea pipelines both through laboratory tests and numerical methods. The following aspects of scour are being considered in my research proposal:

(1) Mechanisms of scour in realistic storm conditions,

(2) Mechanisms of scour in soil conditions relevant to the North West Shelf of Australia,

(3) Scale effects in existing empirical formulas describing pipeline scour in silica sands,

(4) Detailed investigation into the influence of upstream vortex on the mechanics of the onset of scour under relatively high velocity,

(5) Investigation of end effects in pipeline model scale tests.

Why my research is important

To understand the series of problems is of significance to subsea pipeline engineers, and the safe exploitation of subsea oil and gas resources.


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