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Michele Salvoni

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 2446

Start date

Jan 2014

Submission date

Jan 2018

Michele Salvoni

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Slope instability monitoring at MMG Century Mine, Queensland


For an open pit mine, the evaluation and prediction of the mechanisms of instability, potential volume and timing of any wall failure are the main challenges at every stage of planning and operation. Generally, the assessment of any possible instability requires a complete understanding of the geology, structural geology and rock mass properties of the area. Following this, the performance of the slope during and after the excavation is normally evaluated by monitoring surface deformations (survey, radar and/or laser scanner).

However, all this information may be insufficient to get a full comprehension of the rock mass behaviour and fracturing processes behind the surface. Several studies have been carried out to get a better understanding of slope behaviour by the analysis of microseismic data. This technique has been commonly used in underground mining operations with the aim of understanding and managing the rockburst hazard. Numerous attempts have been done in the past to implement routine microseismic monitoring in open pit. Nevertheless, it was just thanks to the recent technological advance of the equipment that the method has become feasible.

The aim of the project is to model slope instability through the combined use of geological and geotechnical information, laboratory tests, surface deformations, modelling and microseismic monitoring. Data recorded at MMG Century Mine, Queensland, will be used following the successful installation of a microseismic system in November 2013.

Why my research is important

The importance of the research is to explore further applications of microseismic monitoring in open pit mines in order to gain a better understanding of the possible instability mechanisms.


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