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Maryam Abdolahpour

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 7359

Start date

Feb 2013

Submission date

Feb 2017

Maryam Abdolahpour

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Vertical mixing in wave-dominated canopy flows


Research achievements:

My research represents, for the first time, a “predictive capability” for residence time in coastal canopies; where most aquatic vegetation is located. By parametrization the wave-driven mean current, an interesting yet extremely complex mechanism that occurs in wave-dominated canopy-flows, my research represents a predictive formulation that can be employed in a wide and realistic range of wave and canopy conditions. Moreover, by designing dynamically scaled model that can accurately simulate the real system (attached photo), this study represents a faithful recreation of the real aquatic system.

Why my research is important

Vertical mixing has a significant role to play in transport of dissolved and particulate material in aquatic systems; specifically in wave-dominated flows where advection is trivial. The vast majority of previous research has employed rigid model vegetation, so that the canopy’s geometry is invariant. In this research, I demonstrate that embedding realism (in the form of flexibility and buoyancy) in the model vegetation can have a profound impact on the hydrodynamics. Thus, while the use of dynamically-scaled vegetation models adds a layer of complexity to the system (in addition to the complexity associated with wave dynamics), it represents a step towards a more faithful recreation of flow and mixing in real environments.


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