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Madhu Murali

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 2446


Start date

Jul 2014

Submission date

Jun 2018

Madhu Murali

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The impacts of water demand management and decentralised water recycling on existing wastewater infrastructure


In the past few years, water use per capita has been reduced in many Australian cities through various water demand management methods. Recent urban water strategies developed for many cities also indicate plans to augment potable water supply with alternative water sources, particularly through water recycling in the form of greywater recycling and sewer mining. These measures can significantly alter the quality of wastewater that is discharged to sewers and Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs), especially when applied together. This project aims to quantify these impacts and develop mitigation measures for any potential issues. A flexible model will be developed that can simulate the impacts of water demand management and various water recycling options. When the model has been calibrated sufficiently, scenarios in Australian cities will be developed based on the recommendations of relevant strategy documents. This will aid in identifying any potential issues from these measures and ease the pathway for the adoption of new technologies.

Why my research is important

Currently, there is an increasing focus on decentralised, small-scale water recycling and a continuing focus on the efficient use of potable water in households and by industry in Australia. This has revealed a gap in our knowledge on the impacts of these measures on existing wastewater infrastructure and this is inhibiting their applicability in Australian cities. This project aims to facilitate these changes by quantifying these impacts and identifying mitigation measures for any potential issues that may arise from their implementation. This aligns with the overall objective of our research group, to aid in the development of more sustainable and liveable Water Sensitive Cities in Australia.


  • Australian Postgraduate Award (APA)
  • UWA Safety Net Top-Up Scholarship
  • CRC Water Sensitive Cities Project C3.1

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