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Jennifer Penton

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 7265

Start date

Jan 2012

Submission date

Dec 2014

Curriculum vitae

Jennifer Penton CV
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Updated 23 May 2012

Jennifer Penton

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Circulation of surface water on the Rottnest continental shelf in WA Australia


My thesis will cover three main areas, analyzing the effects of wind on surface currents, the climatology of sub-/mesoscale eddies and the correlation between eddy formation and wind.

Why my research is important

To date there are no wave/current measurements available from an entire Perth sea breeze cycle. With the collected data of High Frequency radars, a detailed analysis of the coastal surface current patterns and its relation to wind stress can be undertaken, allowing the investigation of eddy buildup/breakdown in relation to wind and bathymetry (along WA’s coast).


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