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Haihong Song

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Start date

Sep 2008

Submission date

Mar 2012


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Updated 31 May 2011

Haihong Song

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Role of sediments in the fate of microcystin in shallow aquatic system


In recent years, as a result of eutrophication caused by human being and climate change, the frequency and intensity of cyanobacterial blooms have apparently increased, with consequent threats to ecological and public health as well as causing aesthetic problem. Toxic water blooms with microcystins have been reported widely across the world, associated with livestock, pet, and wildlife deaths. To assess the health implications of exposure, it is crucial to understand the fate of microcystins in aquatic systems. This study finds that sediment, as an important component of aquatic system has an important influence on the dynamics of microcystin in water column. Lab experiments demonstrates that with the presence of raw sediment from a shallow aquatic system where cyanobacterial blooms occurs all the year round, microcystin-LR can degrade effectively, especially in aerobic conditions. In comparison, when fresh lake water from the same shallow water aquatic system was used as inoculate, microcystin-LR also degraded but with a much slower degradation rate. Further, lab results show clearly that between adsorption and biodegradation ability of the sediment to microcystin in water column, biodegradation is the main contribution.

Why my research is important


  • China Scholarship sponsored by UWA and Chinese government

Yangebup Lake (Song, June 2010)

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