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Guoyang Fu

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 2446


Start date

Feb 2011

Submission date

Feb 2015

Guoyang Fu

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Realistic Rock Mass Modelling and its Engineering Applications


The overall aim of the proposed research is to develop a more realistic and cost effective rock mass modelling strategy.

The specific research objectives of this work are as follows:

• Discontinuity network modelling

• To develop a realistic three-dimensional block identification algorithm

• To develop a Key Block Search method based on Block Theory

• To develop a new Boundary Element based discrete element method.

• To suggest a more realistic and cost-effective rock modelling strategy for engineering analyses and design.

• To apply the suggested strategy for rock engineering problems such as stability of the rock slopes or rock tunnels.

Why my research is important

Due to the uncertainties in rock engineering, probabilistic analysis is more realistic to deal with the effects of these uncertainties. Since the probability based rock mass models are adopted, the computational cost will be very high if the realizations are directly used by a certain discrete element method for analysis. Thus a rock mass modelling strategy is required to control the computational cost to an acceptable level while achieve more accuracy. In addition, the current key block methods need to be further extend for more realistic engineering analysis and the BEM and DDA will be coupled to make full use of their advantages.


  • IPRS and APA


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