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Cheng Wang Xiong

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Stability analysis of oscillatory boundary layer above a plane and its interaction with a horizontal circular cylinder


This project concerns sinusoidal turbulent oscillatory boundary layer and its interaction with a horizontal circular cylinder. Two- and three-dimensional instabilities of boundary layer turbulence will be investigated via Floquet analysis and direct numerical simulation. This project also concerns physical modeling of interaction between oscillatory boundary layer and a horizontal circular cylinder at a wide range of Keulegan-Carpenter number.

Why my research is important

A horizontal circular cylinder that is subjected to an oscillatory boundary flow at high Keulegan-Carpenter number can be regarded as the prototype of a small-diameter submarine pipeline that is laid on the seabed and exposed to waves. The submarine communications cables carry telecommunication signals across stretches of ocean and the submarine power cables are major transmission cables for carrying electric power below the surface of the water, which serve as valuable strategic resources for a country. The damage of submarine pipelines can lead to the interrupt of Internet service, overseas call or electronic power supply and such accident will cause inestimable loss. The proposed research of stability analysis of horizontal circular cylinder within oscillatory boundary layer is significant to uncover the nature of such phenomenon and provide guidance for engineering designs of pipelines and cables.


  • SIRF, UIS and UIS Safety-Net Top-Up Scholarships from University of Western Australia

Isosurface of vorticity around cylinder

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