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Andrew Carruthers

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Mar 2014

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Updated 07 May 2014

Andrew Carruthers

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Impact of operating conditions on the digestion and the release of nutrients by phototrophic bacteria and microalgae


Wastewater can be treated using biological processes, which typically involve an anaerobic digestion stage. In this stage, the organics from the wastewater are held in a reactor in the absence of oxygen. Energy is then released in the form of methane (which can be burned for electricity generation or direct heating) and nutrients are released that can be used for agricultural products (often after further processing). This project will assess the effectiveness of anaerobic digestion in releasing these nutrients and energy.

Why my research is important

This work is part of the 'Resource Recovery from Wastewater' project in the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities. It will provide valuable information for the development of technology that can be applied to wastewater streams to recover energy, nutrients and clean water. The aim is to replace traditional wastewater treatment methods with alternatives that are more cost-effective and have less impact on the environment.


  • University Postgraduate Award (UPA)
  • UWA Safety Net Top-Up Scholarship


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