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Amar Nanda

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 2446


Start date

Feb 2014

Submission date

Feb 2017


Amar Nanda

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The effects of climate change and land-use change on groundwater flood resilience and nutrient removal of the Swan Coastal Plain wetlands


This thesis investigates the water system policy and land-use drivers for future climate predictions and its consequences of the ecological transformation of the major urban wetland system (Swan Coastal Plain) in Perth, Australia.

The thesis addresses:

1. How effective natural urban wetland ecosystem services are as water sensitive urban design for groundwater flood resilience in a changing climate and with increasing urbanisation.

2.The climate conditions and urbanisation conditions of the Perth water management system that may be reached in the near future that compromises the wetland ecosystem services.

3. The drivers and effects of urban wetland ecosystem services when creating groundwater flood resilience in the urban water system.

Why my research is important

1. The research will provide a significant contribution to understanding what the processes and procedures for co-evaluation of the performance of flood resilience and how WSUD measures interact with the urban system and planning process.

Appropriate measures can be put into place to address wetlands as water sensitive urban design element for groundwater resilience into future climate change scenarios. The techniques and tools used as part of this investigation will assist to develop a methodology how integrated urban flood risk management can be integrated with spatial planning practices to enhance urban wetland protection and help facilitate the overall objectives of the water sensitive city.

2. Also technical, economic, spatial or societal acceptable limits on temporal scale will be determined that can be exceeded due to climate change and consequently result in the possibility of failure of the current water management strategy.


  • - CRC for Water Sensitive Cities (Australian Government Initiative)


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