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Alireza Salehi

Start date

Sep 2014

Submission date

Sep 2018

Alireza Salehi


Shallow Foundation Bearing Capacity Estimation


My thesis seeks to establish a theory of operational undrained shear strength estimation based on laboratory, in-situ tests, and FE modelling and improving practical ways in which the bearing capacity of a shallow foundation can be estimated.

Different configuration of two--layer clayey soil will be considered and failure mechanism, path, and a best fit equation of Su prediction would be investigated.

Why my research is important

An important theme emerging from recent full-scale experiments, is the difficulties associated with obtaining a suitable operational shear strength, Su(op), for bearing capacity prediction, especially in layered soils.

As this Su has a direct effect on the footings bearing capacity estimation, it would be of high importance to use an Su as much precise as possible to represent the closest behavior of clay to reality.


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Layered Clay Centrifuge Test

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