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Ahmad Bagbag

Start date

Mar 2013

Submission date

Mar 2017

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Updated 29 Aug 2013

Ahmad Bagbag


Development and application of soil constitutive models to geotechnical field problems techniques


Numerical analysis is now an indispensable tool in many branches of science and engineering. Fundamentally, any numerical analysis should involve extrapolating from a known region of test data to predict the unknown region of field performance. The quality of the prediction will largely depend on the quality of the test data and the ability of the constitutive model to extrapolate from the known boundary value problem to the unknown. In geotechnical engineering, this process is not followed rigorously, as tools, techniques and soil models have not been developed to promote and assist this process. Moreover, no study has thoroughly assessed the ability of existing constitutive models to extrapolate from one boundary value problem to another. Therefore, soil constitutive models cannot be applied to practical engineering problems with confidence and the type and quantity of testing required to accurately evaluate constitutive model parameters for a given problem is unknown.

Why my research is important

The aim of this project is to examine the ability of an existing strain hardening soil model, known as the Extended Mohr-Coulomb Model to simultaneously match a range of boundary value problems in a laboratory testing chamber using a single set of material parameters. The boundary value problems will include a miniature pressuremeter, model embedded circular footing and piles.


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