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Teofilo Aquino Vieira da Costa

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 2446


Start date

Jul 2014

Submission date

Jul 2018

Teofilo Aquino Vieira da Costa

Teofilo Aquino Vieira da Costa profile photo


Geotechnical properties from fresh to completely weathered banded iron formations on the western side of the Iron Quadrangle-MG, Brazil: their importance for slope stability in open pit mines


Research achievements: Considering the weathering profile level determines the geomechanical characteristics of Brazilian iron ore mines’ main rock called banded iron formations or itabirites. This will redefine geotechnical parameters, weathering profiles, geomechanical behaviour and associated failure mechanisms establishing new approachess never used for slope stability analyses in these mines.

Why my research is important

Slope stability and safety in mining operations are closely dependent on geomechanical characteristics and parameters used for slope stability analyses. In addiction the weathering profile controls de geomechanical characteristics. Improving the geotechnical knowledge means improving the mine safety and operational optimisation, using mineral resources with minor impact on the environment and human life.


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