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CEME Engineering in Practice

The UWA School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering has many talented researchers who excel in their fields of interest, developing approaches and solutions to today’s challenges.

Keep up to date with researchers and their innovative work and achievements.

New cloud-based app helps engineers collaborate better

Geotechnical engineers around the world are now able to undertake research and collaborate better thanks to a cloud-based app developed by an engineering researcher at UWA’s School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering (CEME).

How CEME engineers’ artificial reef work is helping attract more fish
Dr Scott Draper

CEME engineers are using the expertise gained in the offshore oil and gas industry to help test the effectiveness of offshore artificial reefs (OARs) being deployed around Australia, including one earmarked for the waters off Rottnest Island.

CEME Offshore expertise extends from the 'sky to the seabed'
Wind Farm thumbnail1

Researchers from CEME are playing a key role in UWA’s new research facility providing R&D expertise for the offshore oil and gas industry.

CEME coastal engineer detects tsunami during Rottnest swim
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Professor Chari Pattiaratchi had the opportunity to mix two of his great loves—science and swimming—last weekend, but with some unintended results.


UWA Engineer uses supercomputer in ongoing MH370 search
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A University of Western Australia's engineer is using one of Australia’s most powerful supercomputers to refine the search for missing Malaysia Airlines plane MH370.

CEME expertise helps underpin next generation of wind turbines
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A UWA researcher’s expertise in the offshore oil and gas sector is now being used to help design the next generation of wind turbines to help power the global renewable energy industry.

Finding better foundations for structures in soft ground
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James Doherty and his colleagues are helping the construction industry come up with better ways of building structures in soft soils and clay—by testing proposed foundations to the point of failure.

What the Boxing Day tsunami taught us

UWA coastal engineering expert Chari Pattiaratchi has vivid memories of the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004 that killed some 250,000 people—he nearly became one of its casualties.


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