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Professor Carolyn Oldham

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Oldham1The Contaminant Dynamics Research Group, led by Professor Carolyn Oldham, investigates the processes affecting contaminant fluxes into shallow water bodies, the subsequent distribution of the contaminants through the water column and sediments, and the impact of those contaminants on ecosystem health. We aim to use out knowledge of the fate and transport of contaminants to develop remediation tools, both physical and chemical for contaminated water bodies. We also aim to use our knowledge of aquatic chemical processes and their interactions with physical and biological processes to collaboratively develop numerical tools for future planning and management of water bodies. The group works across freshwater and marine systems, in urban and rural catchments and within the resource sector.

CV of Professor Carolyn Oldham as of August 2013

Current projects include:

  • The use of non-dimensional numbers to characterize the effectiveness of material transfer across ecosystems.
  • The impact of surface water – groundwater interactions on nutrient transformation pathways in urban catchments.
  • Origins and impact of acidic groundwater and acid sulfate soils.
  • Prediction of water quality in mine pit lakes: monitoring and modeling.
  • Interactions between waves and marine canopies and the impact on solute and particle fate within canopies.
  • Seagrass wrack fate and transport.
  • Civil Engineering curriculum development in Timor Leste universities
  • Engineers engaging with communities
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Group Leader:

W/Prof Carolyn Oldham


Research Associates:

Dr Carlos Ocampo
Dr Dolors Pujol Company


Postgraduate Students

Eloise Brown
Adam Lillicrap
Azra Mat Daud
Ed Buller
Ana Singh
Clare Idriss
Saskia Hindricks
Kumar Kandappan
Josephine Neldner



Professor Matt Hipsey, The University of Western Australia
Professor Marco Ghisalberti, The University of Western Australia
Professor Gary Kendrick, The University of Western Australia
Professor Paul Lavery, Edith Cowan University, Australia
Dr Kathryn McMahon, Edith Cowan University, Australia
Professor Teresa Alcoverro, CSIC-CEAB, Spain
Dr Rohan Arthur, Nature Conservation Foundation, India
Professor Stefan Peiffer, University of Beyreuth, Germany
Dr Matthias Koschorreck, UFZ – Magdeberg, Germany
Professor Teresa Serra, University of Girona, Spain
Professor Jordi Colomer, University of Girona, Spain

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