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The UWA School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering is focused on collaborative and cross-disciplinary research in 11 strategic areas to address critical issues facing business, industry and government.

As a world leader in Engineering for Remote Operations (ERO), the School’s postgraduate programs are led by prominent researchers who aim for maximum research impact using state-of-the-art resources.


Research areas

Civil and Mining Engineering

Applies engineering and geological principles to the behaviour of ground and ground water in offshore, mining, civil and environmental engineering. Particular focus is on in situ properties of soil and mining mechanics.
Hydrodynamics / Fluid Mechanics
Specialises in laboratory testing and consulting services in hydraulics and fluid mechanics for industry with emphasis on Computational Fluid Dynamics and Experimental Fluid Mechanics to analyse fluid/structure interactions and fluid/seabed interactions.
Mining Engineering
Researching the science, theory, practice and technology of the extraction of minerals from their naturally occurring environment and their processing for additional value. Particular focus is on mine backfill, mine engineering, underground mining and seismic monitoring of open pit mines.
Rock Mechanics
Researching the mechanical behaviour of rock and rock masses with emphasis on fracture mechanics, mechanism of crack growth, characterisation of stress-strain state in rock masses and mine seismicity and rock burst risk management.
Structural Engineering
Specialising in blast damage and fragmentation prediction using reliable dynamic material models and innovative numerical models. Research also includes structural mechanics, design, analysis, dynamics and earthquake engineering, and ground motion processing and simulation.

Environmental Engineering

Aquatic Ecology and Ecosystem Studies
Achieving and communicating the most advanced understanding of the processes that govern environmental systems. Research topics include limnology and ecosystem studies, ecological engineering and ecosystem restoration, ecology and management of harmful algal blooms and environmental engineering and society. 
Coastal Oceanography
Focusing on coastal physical oceanography and coastal sediment transport, with emphasis on field experiments and numerical modeling. Research expertise includes climate change effects in coastal regions of Western Australia, particularly in terms of ocean currents, wind and wave climate, sea level variability, coastal flooding and beach stability. 
Contaminant Dynamics
Investigating the processes affecting contaminant fluxes into shallow water bodies, the subsequent distribution of the contaminants through the water column and sediments, and the impact of those contaminants on ecosystem health.
Environmental Hydrology and Hydrogeology
Focusing on processes of land degradation and management, with an emphasis on understanding water and chemical transport in landscapes and the impact of land use change on ecological functioning.
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Undertaking fundamental research into a diverse range of physical processes related to transport and mixing in the environment with particular focus on ocean transport and ocean mixing. 



School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

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